Quadzu delivers access to a variety of people management tools which include:

Employee & Contractor Management:

> The platform fully manages your labour requirements and delivers functionality to allow you to ensure the consistent recruitment of flexible and skilled candidates in response to changing business demands. Only compliant workers are in the Quadzu database.

Training & Compliance:

> Quadzu collates all worker documentation. This ensures each worker has the appropriate right to work documents, relevant licences & qualifications, up-to-date training and that they comply with all health and safety regulations.

Cost & Administration Efficiency:

> Timesheet monitoring and approval, invoicing and payroll processes exist with the platform and can integrate with 3rd party applications based on your requirements.

Reporting & KPI’s:

> Real-time reporting through the Quadzu portal delivers visibility of information relating to all aspects of workforce management. This enables you to deliver improvements in efficiency.


Dale has worked closely with a number of UK & International Government Departments throughout his career, moving from high profile government contracts to holding specific responsibility for public IT with Newport City Council. He has also worked with a number of private sector businesses and led projects to deliver bespoke applications to digitise processes and services, deliver efficiencies and meet legislative and sector specific compliance criteria.

Dale Parry

Director of Projects & IT

Matthew is a full stack web developer with over 16 years’ experience in the IT Industry across both public and private sector organisations, working in a range of roles incorporating bespoke development, project management and improving client engagement. His current focus is on continued development of the Quadzu platform and working closely with clients to create bespoke business applications.

Matthew Peters

Web & Applications Developer

Martin began his career in the private sector developing insurance applications, before moving into managed service support in the public sector and then onto digitising and delivering Local Government services via the web. Moving back into the private sector, for the past few years he has focussed on development of the Quadzu platform and creating applications that improve business processes and services.

Martin Jenkins

Web & Applications Developer