A good feeling is knowing that everyone on site is qualified
& safe

About Quadzu

Quadzu helps you efficiently manage your workforce by providing real time data, so that you can react immediately and plan a course of action with informed decisions.

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What is Quadzu?

  An online portal for a time & attendance system to manage forever growing/changing immediate and sub contracted workforce

  Web application that gives principal contractors transparency and peace of mind with regard to site employees and contractors/supply chain

 Real time system that you can access from your PC or smart phone

 Can be delivered in a managed service format or it can be self service

 Scalable program to meet the needs of any client by sector

 Oversee a workforce from anywhere in the world

 Providing clients with a real time solution to manage their sites

 Peace of mind for a safe, qualified and legal workforce all the time

How does Quadzu work?

 Quadzu is an application developed specifically for use on the internet

 Ensures all information is live and up to date at all times

 Data securely stored in Microsoft data centres as part of the Azure platform

 Standardised development language making system integration easier