A client, using the Quadzu Workforce Management Platform, was utilising multiple suppliers for the provision of flexible and contract labour resulting in multiple points of contact and multiple invoices being received on a weekly basis which needed to be reconciled. This presented multiple issues for the client and a means of simplifying the management of flexible and contract labour provision needed to be simplified.

The Management
of flexible and
contract labour
provision needed
to be simplified


Following extensive market research and numerous discussions with clients to ascertain their requirements a detailed specification document was developed to cover all needs identified and distributed to the clients who had expressed an interest in the development of this function.

The specification document identified a number of elements to be developed as a means of providing an in-built solution to manage the provision of flexible and contract labour by clients. These included development of the following functions: -

  • add suppliers of flexible and contract labour and link them to specific clients and client sites
  • add charge rates for suppliers to existing roles and create new roles and rates where necessary
  • create requirements for flexible and contract labour and release jobs to suppliers based on the specialisms of suppliers as necessary
  • view information on permanent, flexible and contract workers put forward by suppliers including: -
    • an image of the worker
    • skills
    • qualifications and licences (with documentary evidence)
    • work history
    • timesheet data
    • contact information
    • the worker's CV
    • confirmation of the worker’s eligibility to work
  • provide feedback to suppliers on the performance of the worker
  • monitor qualification/licence information across the entire labour supply
  • produce reports on the including: -
    • spend & hours for all roles and rate types (including overtime)
    • vacancies created
    • vacancies cancelled
    • time to fill requirements
    • number of placements by supplier
    • number of employees from 3rd party suppliers

Functionality was also developed for suppliers within the platform: -

  • receive notification of client requirements along with emailed alerts and review
  • create and manage a full worker record
  • submit new and existing workers to meet the requirements
  • exclude workers from specific client sited based on client requests
  • monitor revenue from specific clients/client sites for labour supplied


Implementation of the Vendor Managed System module allowed clients to take full control of the management and monitoring of their flexible and contract labour supply and ensure that the workers that were supplied to meet their requirements were competent and legally compliant to carry out specified roles.

Development of this module also meant that suppliers were provided with functionality to allow them to be alerted to requirements, submit workers and monitor revenue for the workers that have been selected by clients for roles released.

"The Module
allowed clients to
take full control
of the management
and monitoring of
flexible and contract
labour supply"


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