Quadzu helps you efficiently manage your workforce by providing real-time data, so that you can react immediately and plan a course of action with informed decisions.

  What does Quadzu deliver to the Construction Sector?

  An online system to manage your growing and changing direct and contingent workforce.

  A secure web-based application that gives principal contractors transparency and peace of mind with regard to site employees and contractors/supply chain.

  A real-time system you can access from a PC or smartphone.

  Can be delivered as a managed service or used as a self-service platform.

  Health & Safety

  Qualified staff only - signed induction / RAMS uploaded and accessible.

  Tracks training requirements and delivers visibility of training costs.

  Certificate, Licence and Qualification expiry alerts.

  Live staff tracking delivering peace of mind for lone workers.


  Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations met as a principal contractor – eligible workers on site only, which are guaranteed by Quadzu with evidence of relevant documentation.

  Qualified personnel only to carry out tasks in hand.

  Advanced compliance alerts for certificate / training expiries.

  Real time access to workers records in the event of audit.


  Real time, remotely accessible data.

  Online procurement of contingent labour.

  Visibility of time and attendance data linked to contractors and sub-contractor hourly activity.

  Fully manageable staff scheduling system.


  Time and Attendance management.

  Rate management, live cost analysis and spend data.

  Sub-contractor spend and efficiencies.

  Reduction of staff costs for all.