Quadzu helps identify and retain talent and ensure compliance while managing costs to ensure that you deliver safe services to your clients.

  What is Quadzu?

  Quadzu is the workforce management solution specifically designed for organisations operating in compliance driven markets, where safeguarding and quality assurance is paramount.

  A staff tracking functions incorporated into a singe easy to use platform.

  Real-time data availability accessible from your PC or smartphone - for when you’re on the move.

  Manage roles, rates of pay, timesheets and workforce documentation along with worker placements - all on one system.

  Health & Safety

  Qualified staff only – evidence of certificates, licences and qualifications available to ensure peace of mind.

  Tracks training and compliance information and alerts platform users in advance of their expiration.

  Delivers that ability to book training online through the portal, via internal or external training providers.


  The system delivers functionality and access to information in a manner that is compliant with GDPR.

  Responsibly fulfil your duty of care with clear visibility of placing eligible, trained and certified workers into suitable placements on a clients site.

  Real time access to worker records in the event of internal or regulatory audits, which can be done at any time, from any office.


  Users of your services can make workforce requests through the portal that can be passed to the relevant agency suppliers.

  Easy to use scheduling system designed for fixed and ad-hoc shift patterns.

  Manage second tier agency requests, roles and rates easily – avoiding potential rate and invoicing issues.

  Feedback function gives your clients the ability to rate workers in real time to ensure worker suitability.


  Full time and attendance management, consistent rate management, live cost analysis and spend data – generate reports whenever you need them.

  Users of your services can approve timesheets through the system.

  Second tier agency spend and efficiencies tracking.